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Okay I know that we the SHIPPERS take a fictional world seriously but, we're just having fun...this is our life! Especially SHIPPERS that ship a couple... if you don't ship them then DON'T FREAKING BASH ON THEM CAUSE YOU'RE A NON-SHIPPER OR YOU SHIP THAT CERTAIN PERSON WITH A DIFFERENT PERSON!?! Everyone has their own opinion and that means when you see someone else bashing your pairing DON'T REPLY! Same thing goes for anything you don't like example; If you hate rap music DON'T go watch a rap video and comment, "OMG I hate rap music"... WTF? WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS THEN? If you see ANYTHING you don't like DON'T REPLY!?! IT'S THAT FREAKING SIMPLY! Anyway, I hate people who look at us like we're stupid...when we're the living our lives while having fun shipping what we like... it's always them though, always replying to us how stupid we are for shipping them or it's not real (which we already freaking know!) Or they give us facts why they shouldn't be together or how the movie/book/tv show would be better off without romance or He/she can date whoever they want...But I'm like, "Why are you ruining our fun?"... if you don't ship it well good for you carry on but, you don't you just have to reply and point out why we're wrong.  People come on the internet to feel accepted for what they love, they don't come here to be criticized by jerks who can't keep their mouths shut! So once I met this girl who shipped PoxViper (I'm a TiPo fanatic by the way) I DIDN'T tell her she was stupid for shipping them or how they would never get together because

1.  I didn't think she or her opinion were stupid

2. She was just a nice simple girl like myself who ships whatever she wants

3. IT'S HER FREAKING OPINION! And all shippers have their own imagination if you want to ship PoxViper together than go for it!

You see where I'm going with this?

People will have different opinions than you...if they're mean to you first because you say differently then they're ruining your fun but, if you're the one who criticizes someone for saying you're the one ruining their fun...

Don't ruin people's fun...

Happiness isn't something you've had it's something you've experienced...

Never let anyone tell you you're way is wrong... it's your It...prove them wrong..

P.S. If you are a non-shipper/shipper/random person who doesn't hate on others for their opinions...then you are some of the few who sit back and watch people who fight over nothing... You are the ones who make the world a better place...


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I love to of my favorite books is Tiger's Curse and Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief but, any book really

Music is always my inspiration I love any type of music


I love to learn about well...Everything! Greek mythology, Chinese Culture are my favorite to learn about but, I love any culture/history

Drawing is amazing it let's me create a world no one has ever thought of



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